Micro Audio Waves (ENG)

Micro Audio Waves are an experimental electronics band from Lisbon, Portugal. Originally began the carrier as duo by Frank (guitar) and C. Morgado (electronic instruments) in 2000.

Developing a minimal and experimental electronic style their sound has already been fully revealed in their first album Micro Audio Waves (2002).

However, after a short time, the third member Claudia Efe (vocal) joined the group and it took the new direction towards the electronic pop but still retained their experimental elements in the music. When the second album No Waves was released in 2004, it was established not only by the fans all around the world, but also by professional music critics.

That is why the winning in the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris (best album & best videoclip) was not unexpected.

In 2007 the third Micro Audio Waves album called Odd Size Baggage was released.


Finally, in 2009 the band presented their last work, Zoetrope, a concert / performance combining live songs with video and interactive imagery, the result of a successful collaboration with a well-known Portuguese choreographer and stage director Rui Horta. An incredibly vivid sound and visual effect of the project once again reminded about the experimental origin of the band.


Lately, Micro Audio Waves have already become popular all around Europe and are frequent participants in international festivals (London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Groningen).

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