Bruno Espadana (EN)

Bruno Espadana

Art is a language, an intimate conversation with those who understand the art.
Photography - one of the arts - is a certain form of painting. The way to portray the world as we want, to give the environment a distinctive sense of the soul, unique style, to plant the idea. Photography is a way of living, personal fulfillment. This is an attempt to see the world in a different way than we used to see it in our daily lives, perhaps more beautiful, perhaps more mysterious, perhaps more interesting.

By watching numerous works of portuguese photographers, i was surprised by Bruno Espadaña's works. I was fascinated by the cycles" Les gens ", " Smoke "," Photomaton". B. Espanada, a contemporary portuguese photographer, born in 1976 in Nazaré, Portugal. In 1994 at the age of 18 years, he came to Lisbon, where he lives today.In 1994-1998 he studied economics. In 2000, Bruno Espadaña began his career in photography. In 2003 in Lisbon hosted the first exhibition - Jazz & Blues. This artist's photos are of the main subject - a man, urban fragments. He is showing in his photos everyday's images, everyday's details. The very simple things. Frequently Bruno Espadaña's photos are in black and white. However, in the cycles of photographs "subterranea homesick blues" and "Colorblind" we can see colourful photos. Here the colors are bright, surreal, the photographs recalls visions.

Bruno Espadaña's works hide a deep thought which cause each of us different emotions. It is precisely because of the fascination of this photographer's works. Each photo hides a message saying differently, allows to interpret in their own way, causes to think. Many of the artist's works reflects intelligence, disseminate the melancholic melody and calm.

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