1."A fruta proibida é a mais apetecida."- The forbidden fruit is the most desired.

The proverb depicts the idea about people’s desires. Things which are elementary available for them is not interesting or attractive. While the ones they can not get so easy are very exciting, beautiful and they want to get it without thinking about consequences.

"A fruta proibida é a mais apetecida" proverb has it’s prototype in Lithuanian culture. The prototype is ‘’Uždraustas vaisius – saldžiausias.‘‘

2."Mais vale tarde do que nunca."- Better late than never.

Better late than never means that it is better to do something late than to never do it at all. For example, many people, who have not finished university, find it really difficult to come back after some years. But it is better to finish university later than never.

This proverb has equivalent in Lithuania ‘’Geriau vėliau, negu niekada.’’

3. "O dinheiro não nasce nas árvores."- Money doesn't sprout on trees.

It means that you have to work in order to get money. Many people say money doesn't grow on trees, because typically trees are abundant, and the things that grow on trees are easy to get.

Equivalent in Lithuania - ‘’Pinigai ant medžių neauga.’’

All in all, it was very interesting for me to find out that so many proverbs have equivalents in different languages. The equivalents of proverbs suggest that people are similar in the different parts of the world.

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