PORTUGUESE PROVERBS - Jurgis Valančauskas

1. "Deus ajuda aqueles que se ajudam a si mesmos."
en: "God helps those who help themselves."

This saying tells us, that luck follows those people who don't wait for someone to solve their problems (e.g: god) and solve their problems by themselves.

Similar lithuanian folk saying: Dievu tikėk, bet ir pats netingėk. (en: Believe in god, but don't be lazy).

A literal translation of this proverb is also quite common in lithuanian language:
Dievas padeda tiems, kurie padeda patys sau.

2. "Filho de peixe, peixinho é."
Literal translation:"The son of a fish is a little fish."
English equivalent: "Like father, like son."

This proverb tells us, that usually the child do not differs too much from his parents

Lithuanian folk saying: Obuolys nuo obels netoli rieda.
en: An Apple rolls away from apple tree not very far.

3."Vai muito do dizer ao fazer."
Literal translation: There's a long way from saying to doing.
English equivalent: It's easier said than done.

This proverb tells that many people are talking a lot about what needs to be done or what others need to do, but in reality very few actualy do what they say, because it's not so easy.

Lithuanian proverb: Lengviau pasakyti nei padaryti.

    Conclusion: portuguese language is rich of proverbs and sayings. A lot of portuguese proverbs are of latin origin (because portuguese language is of latin origin). Most proverbs in portuguese language has literal or partial equivalents both in english and in lithuanian languages.

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