Portuguese proverbs - Rasa Niurkaitė

1. "Uma desgraça nunca vem só."

Translation: a misfortune never comes alone
Meaning: if something goes bad, usually everything turns in a bad way.
Equivalent in Lithuanian : Bėda viena nevaikšto.

2. "Se o homem é a cabeça, a mulher é o pescoço"
Translation: If husband is a head, the woman is a neck.
Meaning: Husband usually makes decisions, but wife controls it.
Equivalent in Lithuanian : Jei vyras yra šeimos galva, tai moteris yra kaklas.

3."Se Maomé não vai à montanha, a montanha vai a Maomé."
Translation:If Mohammad won't go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Mohammad.
Meaning: If something doesn't happening, you have to take the first step.
Equivalent in Lithuanian : Jei Mahometas neina pas kalną, tai kalnas ateis pas Mahometą.

We can find a lot of very similar proverbs in Portuguese and Lithuanian culture, it is because we have quite same cultural history, a lot of common things came to our cultures from Greece or with Christian culture, but there are and some big differences, for example there are a lot of Portuguese proverbs related with ocean, see, which Lithuanians doesn't have, because we are not so related with ocean or sea like Portugal.

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