Portuguese proverbs - Rūta Aleknaitė

"So comete erros quem trabalha"
  • Translation in English: "Only those who never do anything make no mistakes".

  • Translation in Lithuanian: "Visi žmonės klysta".

  • Meaning: Everyone of us does mistakes. It is one of the mean way to gain knowledge and life experience. If you can learn from your mistakes, you can reach the success.

"O mau astifice queixa-se da ferramenta"
  • Translation in English: "A bad worker complains about his tools".

  • Translation in Lithuanian: "Blogam meistrui ir įrankiai trukdo".

  • Meaning: If you are a band worker (dancer, artist or other kind of specialist) you will always find something or someone to blame for your failure and ill success. You muste take all the responsibility for your job and activity.

"Nunca digas 'desta agua nao beberei'"

  • Translation in English: "Never say never".

  • Translation in Lithuanian: "Niekada nesakyk niekada".

  • Meaning: You should never be categorical about something and you must think about everything without the positive or negative attitude. You may never know what situations will be in the future.

All things considered, proverbs in Portuguese and Lithuanian languages have very much in common, we have a lot identical proverbs who have the same meaning in both of the languages. It is one of many similarities that in some way connects our cultures.

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