PORTUGUESE PROVERBS – Rasa Mikulevičiūtė

Portuguese: zurros de burro não chegam ao céu
English: a donkey's cries don't reach heaven
Lithuanian: šuns balsas į dangų neina
Meaning: say no more silly things, I'm not even listening

Portuguese: para lá do Marão mandam os que lá estão
English: beyond the Marão, it's those who are there are in charge
Lithuanian: kieno vežime sėdi, to ir giesmes giedi
Meaning: you must heed local rules

Portuguese: o barato sai caro
English: what is cheap is costly
Lithuanian: skūpas moka du kartus
Meaning: the cheap things prove to be expensive at the end

As I was always interested in sayings, it was very useful to get known with some of them in portuguese. But all in all the only conclusion, which I have made, is that almost all proverbs and sayings are the same in every language. (:

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