Portugal Festivals

The traditional festival is a great way for any visitor and traveler to Portugal to absorb something of Portuguese popular culture and get to know better the local people and their way of life.
During the summer in the month of June, festivities dedicated to three saints known as Santos Populares take place all over Portugal. The three saints are Saint Anthony, Saint John, Saint Peter. Commmon fare in these activities are wine, aqua-pe(mostly grape juice) and traditional bread along with sardines. During the festivities are many weddings, traditional street dances and fireworks. Saint Anthony is celebrated on the night of12th-13th of June, especially in Lisbon with a street carnaval . Saint John is the most popular, because he is celebrated in many cities and towns, especially in Porto and Braga where the sardines, caldo verde(traditional soup) and plastic hammers to hammer in another person's head for luck are indispensable. The final Saint Peter, celebrated in the night of 28-29th, the festivities are similar to others but more dedicated to the sea and with extensive use of fire.
One of the most important harvest festivals in Portugal is the Festa dos Tabuleiros (Festival of the Trays) that takes place every four years, July.It's an event based an ancient pagan rites linked to festily.The parade, blessing of trays and the decorations in the streets are unforgettable spectacle.
Boom Festival. The first Boom festival happened in1997 with a large influence on electronic music, but nowdays Boom is multidisciplinary event. The festival features music, cinema, theater, sculpture, installations.

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