Nuno Cera was born in Beja in 1972. Although he has a degree in Advertising from IADE, his daily practice as a photographer has defined his artistic course. Cera has divided his activity between the cities of Lisbon and Berlin. His recent incursion into the field of cinema can be understood in light of the concerns highlighted in his photo-based work.

A Nuno Cera’s photographs challenge the ideas of the stationary, of frontality and the pose. The idea of travel or movement is the undercurrent theme developed in his work. Ceraā€™s gaze carefully selects the planes where the lines of passage or vanishing points disclose the orientation of his visual understanding. These lines are located in the most immediate urban contexts, such as highways, tunnels or railway lines and, to a different extent, the marks left by aeroplanes as they cross the sky, shooting stars, or even the movement of the sun through leaves, and the definition of trails and paths through the forest.

In the series of photographs The Corridors, 6 narrow paths, with no way out in sight, anonymous corridors found by happenstance in large cities, appear portrayed. The deliberate repletion of the framing, always fixed at the same angle, places the inevitable vanishing point into perspective an empty path leading to an unknown place. Destined to be crossed, these bare corridors suggest human presence. The figures that appear in his work are also transcribed in this same dynamic. Even though each presence can be identified, and the idea of the pose underlies the setting up of each action, they can hardly be termed portraits. In fact, these figures drift, or are in some state of unindividuated physical or psychological movement.

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